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The Baby Sounds for Pets CD was created for the love of a little Chihuahua named Fred and a kitty named Pasha. We shared our success with the world and have helped millions get their pets and families ready too.

The Baby Sounds for Pets CD is so simple to use and a great tool that can help everybody in the family get ready for your new baby .

By playing the CD for your pets before the baby comes home helps relieve their anxiety and keeps the whole family together. I believe that children need to have pets in their lives to teach them responsibility, compassion and all about unconditional love.  We are excited about the continued success in helping your family too.

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where Baby Sounds for Pets is featured:

Baby Sounds for Pets Video

The revolutionary CD aid that helps your pet adapt to the big change in minimal time! Pets react strongly to sounds. Give them a head start and help them adjust to the big change!

  • Relieve pet anxiety
  • Encourage acceptance
  • Resolve jealous behavior
  • Restore family balance
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